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Sharing any File with Google Drive

By now you probably know that Google Drive ( or in your /Applications folder) is the place where all of your Google files live. However, did you know that you can share any kind of file of ANY SIZE using Google Drive?

Here’s how you do it! (Instructions included for BOTH the web interface AND the Application) Continue reading “Sharing any File with Google Drive”

Brewster’s File Server “BA-Files”

Sharing files using Brewster’s High Speed File Server!


Here at Brewster you will often be required to share or upload/download all sorts of different files with your teachers, students or colleagues. No matter the type of file from documents to movies and other such project files, the fastest and safest way to share those files is by utilizing Brewster’s high-speed file sharing server ( Not only is this service many times faster than Google Drive, it’s also backed up regularly by IT Staff. That said it IS NOT a collaborative service like Google Drive/Docs. It is recommended that you do not edit files that live directly on the file server. Continue reading “Brewster’s File Server “BA-Files””

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