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Travel Tech Tips for Devices and Data

Traveling always requires some planning, not only deciding on what will go in your suitcase but also how to prepare and safeguard your computer, phone, and data.  Preparing your computer and backing up may not be at the top of your list, but loss, theft, or accidental damage can happen, especially when traveling. A laptop or phone is easily replaceable – your data, photos, essays – not so easy. Continue reading “Travel Tech Tips for Devices and Data”

The New Look of Gmail

Google has released an update for Gmail with a new look and many new features.  The new Gmail has several new security features such as phishing warnings and confidential mode for specific emails.   Productivity features include the new sidebar where you can access your calendar, tasks or other add-ons (such as Google Keep) without leaving your Gmail.  Hoover actions, email nudges, and snoozing emails are other features that are included in the new Gmail.

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The New Google Calendar

New Colors, new format, fun features and little extras for productivity are in the new Google Calendar.

Below are a few of my favorite new features.   You can find all the updates and changes here at the Google G Suite Learning Center here.

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What & Where are your passwords?

With ongoing security risks, there is more potential that your passwords will be compromised.  One way to protect your accounts and avoid having your personal information get into the hands of “the bad guys” is to use a password manager.  If you save your passwords on a piece of paper, use the same password for every online site or use a password such as “my-dogs-name” you should look into using a password manager.

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Prevent Phone Freeze!

Get your device ready for the next deep freeze temperatures! Below are few frost facts about how sub-zero temperatures can affect your phones and computers.  Never charge a cold battery – warm up the device before turning on – and find some gadgets to keep your fingers & phones warm!

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Set Reminders in Google Calendar

Google Calendar has a helpful feature for your To-Do List called Reminders.    Reminders will help keep your day organized and productive.  Reminders can be used to remind you to pick up the dry cleaning or you can use Reminders for a longer To Do List for work or school.   The Reminders will follow you from day to day on your calendar and keep reminding you until you mark them as done.

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Google Drive’s File Duplication Indicator

When making the transition to Google Drive you may have numerous files and folders to upload and convert. In the process of uploading folders and files, it can be confusing what you have uploaded and what is remaining to be uploaded.  If you worried that you may have already uploaded the folder of files, Google will let you know by issuing them with unique file names.  If there are uploading files with the same name as existing files in your Google Drive, the new files will be saved with a number suffix in the file name. This ensures that nothing will be overwritten and lost.

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Privilege and Responsibilty

By Nancy Hughes
English Teacher

One of the many things I appreciate about living on Brewster’s campus is its proximity to town.  After two decades plus living in quasi-rural suburbia (yes, that’s a thing), I love being able to walk downtown with shopping bags in hand for a quick bit of marketing. Another thing I love about Wolfeboro is our handsome town hall, which was originally built with funds donated by the Academy’s very own John Brewster. This dignified brick edifice is a reminder to us all of John Brewster’s deep commitment to the town of Wolfeboro and his respect for civic life.  Continue reading “Privilege and Responsibilty”

Master Teacher Kris Kukul Engages Performing Arts Students

By Guinevere Hilton
Acting Teacher

On October 13 and 14 Brewster’s drama students and members of the community were treated to a master class and guest teaching by Kris Kukul. Kris is a New York City-based music director/composer/arranger/orchestrator and conductor. Kris graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (a classmate) where he currently teaches. He also has served as the music director of the Williamstown Theater for 10 seasons and has worked internationally in a variety of theaters, with HBO Films, and his work has debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. Continue reading “Master Teacher Kris Kukul Engages Performing Arts Students”

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