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Starting Senior Year as a Leader, a Lifer, and a Local

Bu31IT0IcAATuxIHere it is: the inevitable approach of a new school year. Though it is sometimes met with negative energy, I personally am approaching this one with extremely positive and excited energy. Why? It is my senior year of four years at BA and I have the amazing opportunity to be a leader in the school as one of the two head prefects. I had a fun summer scooping ice cream at the legendary Bubble, traveling to Jaipur, India in July for a service trip, and spending many lazy days on Lake Winni in a tube with a great book, but I can honestly say I am ready for an exciting year at BA. Continue reading “Starting Senior Year as a Leader, a Lifer, and a Local”

My quest to learn how to trick people into thinking I was kind of an adult while at the same time following my dreams: A summer memoir

Hello fellow peoples! My name is Sam Kiley and I will be a senior at Brewster this year, and I am also one of the Head Tour Guides at Brewster.

I’m here to talk about the summer I lived for the year of 2015. Such events include beaching it and enjoying sunshine, working in a local kitchen while making delicious food, and throwing down some 360 dunks in the lovely state of Kentucky. (The 360 part was a joke, but I mean I did play some basketball in Kentucky). So I will delve deeper into such events, and I appreciate you sitting or walking or whatever fits your fancy, while at the same time reading this. Continue reading “My quest to learn how to trick people into thinking I was kind of an adult while at the same time following my dreams: A summer memoir”

Back on The Field – My Final Season

The feeling of being back on the field with my teammates, for one last year, is definitely a bittersweet feeling. Although I have college athletics to look forward to, it is sad to think that this will be the last time that I play on a field hockey team competitively. Not only that, but it is the last time I will participate in a fall sport at Brewster!

This year we were extremely fortunate to bring in some competitive and highly athletic newbie’s. They have made a huge impact on the field since they arrived at preseason. Within the next week or so we are really looking forward to getting into playoff mode. This Wednesday, based on the result of our game versus Proctor, we will find out if we are Co-Lakes Region Champions or just Lakes Region Champions. The last time the team was Lakes Region Champions was 2010, so it would be nice to bring the banner home in my final year at Brewster. Wish us luck!

Elise Hennessey ’15

Lax and Serve

The school year ended much too abruptly. As summer approached the thought of not being around some of my best friends got harder to imagine. Lucky for me, it was only a few weeks until I saw some of my lacrosse teammates. A few of us headed down to Costa Rica to enjoy some service and some lacrosse. The trip in it’s entirety was such a rich and memorable experience that will carry with me for the rest of my life. It was unbelievable to be able to help the sport of lacrosse spread in Central America.


Regardless of starting small, I truly believe that the community will always remember the “American Lacrosse Players” that came and donated and gave back to their town. Along with running some simple drills, we were also able to give our service by painting a community center. Between painting and lacrosse we were still able to squeeze in some zip lining and surfing! Throughout the trip we came up with a saying which we thought best described the trip: Lax and Serve

By Charlotte Polk ’15

What are you reading this summer?

What are Brewster students reading this summer?  We asked a few bobcats to share what they decided to read during their summer vacations:

The book I’m reading right now is Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys, a book about the technological side of Wall Street. I spent the majority of last summer interning for a Wall Street firm and took an interest in the lesser-known parts of the financial world. Flash Boys follows a team of technology experts as they try to protect the average American investor from firms trying to take advantage of them. There’s a good bit of technological terminology, but learning about the ways Wall Street banks operate and the colorful language of Wall Street traders makes this book an interesting read.

Jake Anderson ’15

This summer I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which is about two teenagers struggling with cancer who fall in love and help each other through the trials and tribulations of life with cancer. I chose the book because my younger sister recommended it and the plot seemed interesting.

Caroline Krauss ’15

The summer has always been a time when I catch up on the latest reads and all the current movies. So this summer I killed two birds with one stone and dove into the Divergent series, and may I say it was a fantastic read. Whether it was sitting on the beach, or during long car rides, Veronica Roth has me captivated from page to page, chapter to chapter, and book to book. It was absolutely entrancing. It had the perfect combination of action, and romance, while also keeping real the true facts about growing up. All the characters pop off the page, and I felt like I was right there with them, jumping off buildings, or full on sprinting from the enemy. All these books from Divergent, to Allegiant, to Insurgent were absolutely amazing. I couldn’t get enough. The Divergent series is amazingly written and absolutely a recommendation that I make to all of my friends!

Grace Cawley ’15

An Ice Climb With Outdoor Skills

By Vincent Reichheld ’14

The Brewster Academy Outdoor Skills Program (BAOSP) is devoted to teaching safe travel in the mountains. This involves teaching and practicing technical ice and rock climbing along with mountaineering. Outdoor Skills is not your ordinary sports program, because of the inherent danger of the mountains, skills must be taught and practiced long before any committing objectives can be challenged. However, once the essential skills are gained the possibilities are vast. Here is a day in the mountains with BAOSP:

Our group consists of four members, each with varying levels of experience. Vicente, our least experienced member, is out on his first day of ice climbing. Greg, a Floridian, is starting his third season ice climbing. Rounding off our group is Jonathan Fouser, our teacher and climbing instructor.

We embark on our journey at 8 o’clock by boarding a rickety old minibus. As the bus crests the ridge leading in Crawford Notch we are granted a spectacular view. Bathed with morning light, the snow-capped peak of Mount Washington rises out of the landscape. As we drive into the notch we start to prepare for the day. We pack our climbing equipment and warm layers into rucksacks, lace our boots and strap our crampons (metal spikes used for purchase on ice) on.

After an hour and a half of driving we pull into a crowded, snow dusted, dirt parking lot deep in the mountains. The anticipation creates an electric mood that is met sharply by the sublime backdrop. There is little snow on the ground and the scramble to the base of the climb is tedious. We pick our way through ice covered rock gullies and traverse over talus fields.

Finally we reach the climb and rope up. One by one we ascend the sheer ice to a perch above. Again and again we ascend, allowing the rhythm of the activity to become intoxicating. Swing, kick, kick, swing, kick, kick. As we climb the world around fades out, there is only now, no past and no future. Hours of upward progress bring us to the summit and we look out upon the spectacular expanse beneath us. We are tired, we are cold, we are hungry and we are thirsty but there is no place we would rather be.



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