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Cultivating Cultural Competency

I asked a few students to share their takeaways from Friday’s Cooper Series guest lecture. And, as if to support the speaker’s “thesis,” if you will, the students’ reflections are indicators of how their individual experiences and involvement within the Brewster community help form their own identities. Here the students share their impressions and takeaways of Dr. Derrick Gay’s message.
– Marcia Eldredge, Communications Director

Senior Evan Edmonds shared the following: one standout about Dr. Derrick Gay’s presentation this morning was the emphasis on our society and how it will look when we move on from Brewster. On a campus like ours, it’s easy to forget that there is a world outside of high school, but it’s there, waiting for us. Dr. Gay touched on many varying aspects of society that we may encounter in the coming future and the biggest connection to one of those changing factors we can make as Brewster students is the transition from the ‘cubical’ style of work toward collaborative and cooperative workplaces. Dr. Gay mentioned huge companies like Google and Yahoo have already switched to this method, and I believe the reason for that put simply is that it is more effective. Communicating with people and sharing ideas is a much more productive way of problem solving because there are multiple brains all working in their own unique ways for a solution. Because there is such high value in mastering collaboration, cooperation, communication, etc. it is important that we are learning these skills, which is why group-based skills are so emphasized in our everyday learning environment at Brewster. There is more reasoning to why we do STAD (Student Team Achievement Divisions) reviews than just giving teachers a break; it is absolutely crucial in today’s world to learn these skills, and I believe Dr. Gay wanted to punctuate that.
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BA Heads to FB

As of 3:45 am on Thursday, October 6th, four Brewster students and one Brewster teacher will be embarking on a meaningful mission to discover solutions to the growing epidemic of teenage anxiety and apathy in a normal school environment. This amazing opportunity offered to us by Brewster Academy is the result of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s momentous coalition with Facebook in generating a nationwide initiative called “inspirED” last year. Along with ten other schools in the US, Brewster began an inspirED club about nine months ago, and our academy has been specifically chosen to encompass the “Passion & Purpose” piece of the initiative. Because of Brewster’s collaboration with inspirED, four of our own inspirED club members (and a special faculty member!) will be attending an important summit at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California, this weekend. Brewster’s representatives are Angela First (’17), Jackson Barber (’17), Lucy Liautaud (’17), Dexter Hanson (’18), and Sarah Hunt (dorm parent/Junior English teacher). Continue reading “BA Heads to FB”

Beating the Winter Blues

By Rob O’Blenis
Science Teacher, Community Life Parent

What do you do when you attend a boarding school in New England and need to get through the winter? Well, our amazing dorm parents at Brewster have the answers. From getting off campus to fundraisers, if you are in a dorm at BA you have had plenty of opportunities to beat the winter blues!

In Fox House, with dorm parent Sarah Tierney, the girls took a spa night and were pampered with facial masks and nail painting. It was a wonderful night of relaxation and rest.

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Winter Carnival

“My favorite memory was watching the freshmen overpower the juniors in the tug of war. I was caught off guard and at that moment  it showed me how passionate everybody was about the Winter Carnival” — David Winick ’17

Post holiday break in Wolfeboro, the chilly temperatures outside can bring on a little cabin fever inside but then comes Winter Carnival a few weeks after the students return to campus and teams gear up to compete for the “Headmaster’s Cup.” The name of the winning team is carved onto the Headmaster’s Cup for all to see for years to come. Winter Carnival is a week-long competition among the six academic teams.

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Dorm Life: Holiday Celebrations and Good Deeds

By Michelle Dodge
Science Teacher, Community Life Parent

It’s been a wonderful start to the fall filled with holiday fun around campus. In dorms Halloween was celebrated throughout the community with festive decorations, visits to haunted houses, movie nights, and several community service opportunities. Continue reading “Dorm Life: Holiday Celebrations and Good Deeds”


By Allie Cooper
Director of Student Development

This past Saturday, I had the honor and pleasure of taking two of our elected junior students, Jackson Barber and Lucy Liautaud, and our former Head of School Dr. Michael Cooper, south to Yale University for the #EmotionRevolution summit. Continue reading “#EmotionRevolution”

Bobcat Nation Celebration

Thursday, October 15, 2015 marked the first ever Bobcat Nation Celebration at Brewster Academy. This was a school-wide event specifically designed for the celebration of school spirit (also the one day that we were allowed to wear sweatpants to class). Continue reading “Bobcat Nation Celebration”

BBQ Ribs, Corn Hole, and The Boston Tea Party

Brewster Community Living Parents started the year off with a flurry of social events created to allow new boarding students to get to know each other in a casual and fun environment. Continue reading “BBQ Ribs, Corn Hole, and The Boston Tea Party”

Student Leaders Making an Impact

By Bret Barnett
Dean of Campus Affairs

As the new school year comes into full tilt, I must say that I have been most inspired by our student leadership team.  They have positively influenced our community in countless ways – to think it is only the beginning of October! Continue reading “Student Leaders Making an Impact”

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