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Preview the Web Address of a Link in Safari

Have you ever received an email with a link and you were unsure whether to click it or not for fear of being a victim of a “phishing attack“?  Or, while browsing a website you come across a link within an article and wonder, “Where will this link take me?”    Before clicking on that link, take a sneak peak of where you will be re-directed.  Safari users have a tool, that when enabled, will provide a view of the URL in the bottom left corner of your window, prior to clicking on it. This is a security tool that can prevent you from clicking on a potentially harmful website.

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Securely Store Usernames and Passwords – Option 1

OK, it’s time to remove those passwords from under your keyboard or off of your refrigerator.  Also, stop using the same password for different online services!  Below is an outline of one very simple method that can help you reach these two very important security goals. Continue reading “Securely Store Usernames and Passwords – Option 1”

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