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Be Aware of Phishing Attacks

Phishing is defined as the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial or personal information by posing as a legitimate company. Continue reading “Be Aware of Phishing Attacks”

Protecting Email through Encryption

As you may know, email isn’t as private as you might think. When you are sending email messages to other Brewster email addresses, your messages are protected and safe. But, when you send email messages outside of, it’s rather easy for thieves to intercept and read your messages.
Continue reading “Protecting Email through Encryption”

PW Protect Your USB Memory Stick

If you carry around a USB memory stick with personal or confidential files saved on it, you should take these simple steps to password protect it. Continue reading “PW Protect Your USB Memory Stick”

Setting Android Lock Screen

Every Android device screen can be locked and depending on what model you have, there are several methods for securing and unlocking.   Continue reading “Setting Android Lock Screen”

Setting iPhone/iPad Lock Screen

Every iPhone screen can be locked and depending on what iPhone you have, there are several methods for securing and unlocking your phone. Continue reading “Setting iPhone/iPad Lock Screen”

Setting Macintosh Lock Screen

All Brewster-owned computers are delivered to the user with the Lock Screen enabled.  If your Lock Screen is not active, here are the steps you can take to enable it. Continue reading “Setting Macintosh Lock Screen”

Is your TimeMachine Backup Working?

Let’s say you’ve got Time Machine setup to backup all of you files… or at least you think you do. How do you KNOW it’s working? Here are two quick ways to check. Continue reading “Is your TimeMachine Backup Working?”

Password Protect Files with Confidential Information

If you have to share a file that has confidential information within the file, you can easily put a password on the file that will be required to open it.  For example, documents that contain bank account numbers, social security numbers, student information, etc. should not be readily attached to an email message and sent to someone.  In the worst case, a thief could intercept your email and open the attached file if it is not protected. Continue reading “Password Protect Files with Confidential Information”

Protect Your Email from Crooks

Email messages contain so many private conversations, personal information, and access information to your other online accounts.  Identity theft often starts by a crook getting access to someone’s email account.  Here is a method to add an extra layer of security to your email… Continue reading “Protect Your Email from Crooks”

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