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Password Management

What & Where are your passwords?

With ongoing security risks, there is more potential that your passwords will be compromised.  One way to protect your accounts and avoid having your personal information get into the hands of “the bad guys” is to use a password manager.  If you save your passwords on a piece of paper, use the same password for every online site or use a password such as “my-dogs-name” you should look into using a password manager.

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Sync your Portal and Computer passwords with Enterprise Connect

What and Why?

For years Brewster has not synchronized your computer login password with any other Brewster service. This has caused much confusion as users are required to remember several different passwords to access the tools that we need to use every day. Our deployment of Enterprise Connect resolves this issue by synchronizing your computers log in password with your Brewster Active Directory (Portal) password. We’ve been using this with the students since the beginning of the year, and the reduction in students forgetting their computer login passwords has dropped dramatically. It will also allow you to more easily change your Brewster Passwords (Portal, Moodle, Gmail, Wireless, PaperCut, Computer, etc.).  Many faculty and staff users are already using this technology already and love it!

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Slay the Password Dragon

How do you remember your usernames and passwords?

  • Keep them in a Word document on your computer? [WRONG ANSWER]
  • Sticky Note under your keyboard? [WRONG ANSWER]
  • Sheet of paper under your blotter? [WRONG ANSWER]
  • Use the same password for everything? [WRONG ANSWER]

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