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Browse the Web Securely when Off Campus

“Don’t do your online banking or anything sensitive on a public Wi-Fi network.” The advice is out there, but why can using a public Wi-Fi network actually be dangerous? And wouldn’t online banking be secure, as it’s encrypted?

There are a few big problems with using a public Wi-Fi network. The open nature of the network allows for snooping, the network could be full of compromised machines, or — most worryingly — the hotspot itself could be malicious. Continue reading “Browse the Web Securely when Off Campus”

BA Fiber Network Upgrades

In May 2014 the campus was connected with 20 year-old 0.1 Gbit fiber.  Today our 10Gbit fiber backbone provides 100 times the bandwidth and the 1Gbit fiber that connects our outlying buildings is 10 times the bandwidth of what we had 15 months ago. Continue reading “BA Fiber Network Upgrades”

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