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Mac 101

Macintosh operating system tips and tricks.

Mac 101: Keyboard Shortcuts – The Arrow Keys & Swipe

Forward & Previous Shortcuts

The following short cuts will help you navigate between open web pages in Safari & Google and also in your Gmail. We all use the “back & forward” icons at the top of a browser to go backward & forward in web browsers.  Instead, you can use Command Key Shortcuts or trackpad swipe gestures.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.52.09 PM.png


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Mac 101: Text Message Continuity-from Mac to iPhone

We all get our text messages on our phones, but are you receiving your messages on your computer or iPad?  Introducing Apple Continuity!

Link your iPhone number to your Apple ID.  Then, you can use your phone number with iMessages on your Mac or iPad.

Here is how to add an account and some helpful tips to sync your messages, tweak your settings and stay connected on all your devices.

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Mac 101: Keyboard Shortcuts: Paste Special

On your keyboard, press Option + Command + Shift + V

This is a great short cut to use when you need to copy text from one source,  paste to another and do not need or want the original formatting.  (no fancy headers and or fonts or links).  This will paste the text into the formatting that you have in your working document.   Basically, this is pasting and matching the style.

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Mac 101: Enhanced Dictation

Do you regularly use dictation software? Some of you may already be using Dragon Dictate, but do you know that your Mac has dictation software already installed?  The Macintosh’s Enhanced Dictation may have everything you need or just a quick way to use advanced dictation commands when writing emails or short documents.  When enabled, “Enhanced Dictation” allows for offline use and continuous dictation, with live feedback. You do not have to have an active internet connection to use this feature and you can see word for word what you are dictating – the text appears as you speak.

Here is how to enable Enhanced Dictation: Continue reading “Mac 101: Enhanced Dictation”

Hey MAC, Wake Up Early!

We have had many users ask about the extra long wake up time their computer goes through every morning before they can log on. This can be a problem in first block if you wait to get to class to turn on your computer (or your 8 am meeting!) This is an energy saver feature that was introduced with Yosemite.

Here is a preference you can set so your computer will wake up and be ready to go when you are! Continue reading “Hey MAC, Wake Up Early!”

Mac 101: Important keyboard shortcuts

We want to share some Mac Keyboard Shortcuts that will remove a few steps off of common functions that you do on your computer every day. Continue reading “Mac 101: Important keyboard shortcuts”

Don’t Attempt to Download El Capitan

Apple updates the Macintosh Operating System (OS) every year and it is normally rolled out in the Fall.  Here at Brewster, we intentionally wait a full year before making the switch to the latest OS so that Apple can work out all the bugs and all of the other Applications can be updated to be compatible. Continue reading “Don’t Attempt to Download El Capitan”

Mac 101: Show all open tabs in Safari

Safari has added a new feature with OS X Yosemite – the “Show All Tabs” button. Continue reading “Mac 101: Show all open tabs in Safari”

Mac 101: What APPS are on my computer?

Did you find all the apps that are installed on your computer? During “Brewsterization” we installed many applications on your computer that are ready for you to use…. Continue reading “Mac 101: What APPS are on my computer?”

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