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Google Classroom: Share to Classroom

A Google Chrome Extension now exists to enhance Google Classroom, which allows the teacher to (A) push websites directly to student’s laptops,  (B) make an announcement with a web link directly from a web page and (C) make an assignment with a web link directly from a web page. Continue reading “Google Classroom: Share to Classroom”

Adding an Extension to the Chrome Browser

Each internet browser has plug-ins or extensions that can be installed to give the browser added functionality.  Here is a 1-minute video that demonstrates how to add an Extension to the Chrome browser. Continue reading “Adding an Extension to the Chrome Browser”

Google Classroom – New Features

If you haven’t already figured it out on your own, over the summer, Google made some enhancements to Google Classroom.  Here is what you can now do… Continue reading “Google Classroom – New Features”

Set gmail as your default email application in each browser

If you’ve ever used a Mac on the internet, you may have noticed that any email address or contact link you click launches the Apple “Mail” application instead of Gmail. Here is how you can make Gmail launch instead. Continue reading “Set gmail as your default email application in each browser”

Adding BA Master Calendar

Keep updated on BA Events by adding the Brewster Academy Calendar to your BA Google Calendar.

Continue reading “Adding BA Master Calendar”

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