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Templates for Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, & Slides

Using templates will help you with everything from essays to t-shirt order forms. Templates are available in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms.  Be sure to check out all the templates as they will make your work easier by providing an outline for you to insert your information and work.

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Upload Video to YouTube

Did you know that you have a YouTube account? It’s part of your Brewster Google Suite of Apps just like Google Docs and Gmail. Taking video from your computer and uploading it to YouTube is rather simple. Here’s how to do it from scratch! Continue reading “Upload Video to YouTube”

Add Video to a Google Slides Presentation

Creating a slide presentation is nearly as common as reading e-mail here at BA. As we continue to focus on using the Google Suite of applications (Docs, Sheets, YouTube, etc), many find themselves using Google Slides (Google’s version of Keynote/PowerPoint). Here are some basic instructions on how to embed videos to your presentation. Continue reading “Add Video to a Google Slides Presentation”

Columns in Google Docs

In a recent update, Google added the ability to add up to three columns to your Google Doc. Continue reading “Columns in Google Docs”

Automatically Convert MS Files to Google Files when Uploaded


You can automatically convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to the Google Doc format by uploading them into your Google Drive folder via the web. Just following these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Drive settings in the upper right cornerScreen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.34.58 AM
  2. Make sure the “Convert Uploads” checkbox is checked and click Done.screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-11-54-18-am
  3. Now anytime you upload a Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file, it will automatically be converted to the Google format.

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Enable 2-Step Authentication on your Gmail Account

When it comes to data you want to secure, your email accounts are probably close to the top of the list. The average hacker would love a peek at your email history full of password resets, not to mention getting potential access to your bank accounts or other private information.  You can greatly increase the security of your Gmail account with 2-Step Authentication. Continue reading “Enable 2-Step Authentication on your Gmail Account”

Keeping Your Google Account Secure

Google states, “Two of the most common topics of questions regarding Google in general, and Google Cloud specifically, are security and privacy. We take both topics very seriously and offer tools that let you control how we process your data”.   This is only a piece of the safety equation – the other piece falls to you the end-user.

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Convert MS Office Docs with Equations to Google Docs

Equations can be problematic when converting MS Word docs to Google Docs.  Using the steps below, after you convert your document, the equation will be displayed as an image and not editable from within Google Docs, but it is better than having to recreate the entire document from scratch. Continue reading “Convert MS Office Docs with Equations to Google Docs”

Convert MS Office Docs to Google Docs

You can convert MS Office documents one at a time or many at one time.  Either way, you will be dragging documents (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) from your computer to your Google Drive.   Continue reading “Convert MS Office Docs to Google Docs”

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