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The New Look of Gmail

Google has released an update for Gmail with a new look and many new features.  The new Gmail has several new security features such as phishing warnings and confidential mode for specific emails.   Productivity features include the new sidebar where you can access your calendar, tasks or other add-ons (such as Google Keep) without leaving your Gmail.  Hoover actions, email nudges, and snoozing emails are other features that are included in the new Gmail.

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Google Group Message Archives

Did you know that every email message sent to Academy Personnel or your Team or your Department or ANY Google Group are all stored forever in the Google Group Archives? You can access the Archives and find any and all old messages…here is how!

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Gmail Canned Response

If you find yourself typing the same messages or text blocks over and over, you will want to use Gmail’s Canned Responses. Continue reading “Gmail Canned Response”

Manage Two Gmail Accounts in Chrome

To simplify your online life, you should keep your Brewster and personal email completely separate.  If you have a personal Gmail account, you can easily toggle between accounts in Chrome. Continue reading “Manage Two Gmail Accounts in Chrome”

Organize Email with Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox

We’re all Gmail users here at BA and I know we’ve all ended up with an inbox so full of email we sometimes have trouble finding the message we want quickly. Google understands this and is always trying to help us organize our endless streams of email. One of their biggest features is called the “Tabbed Mailbox”. To put it simply, instead of having one place where all your email shows up, they’ve broken that up into four distinct “tabs” to automatically sort your incoming Continue reading “Organize Email with Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox”

Consolidate Email Messages by Editing Gmail Group Settings

How many Google Email Groups do you belong to?    Do you want to see each message separately or would you rather receive a single message with a daily digest?  Maybe you only need to send the group an email and not receive all the emails?  You have several options in Group Settings.

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Voicemail in your Email

We recently upgraded the Brewster Voicemail server and along with the upgrade came the new functionality of being able to receive BA voicemail audio messages in your email inbox. Continue reading “Voicemail in your Email”

Monitoring Email Spam

We have posted several times on how to mark legitimate email messages as “Not Spam”, but it is easy to forget to regularly check our Spam folder.   Continue reading “Monitoring Email Spam”

Mac 101: Undo Sending an Email

Have you ever sent an email and thought of “one more thing…”  that you needed to say? Or hit “reply all” when you only wanted to respond to one person?  If so, you need to enable the “Undo Send” feature in your Gmail Account.  This setting gives you the option to stop the email you just sent, up to 30 seconds after you hit “send”. Continue reading “Mac 101: Undo Sending an Email”

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