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Google Drive File Replaces Google

Google Drive File Stream:

What and Why?

Google is replacing their desktop Google Drive Application with a new one called: Google Drive File Stream. This process will replace your old version with the new one!

Google Drive has become a great place for our users to store all of their Google or Non-Google files. They are safe, secure and easy to access from many devices. However, Google Drive (online) is NOT what we’re talking about here, only the application on your computer that synchronizes a Google Drive folder with the online Google Drive. The new app works just like the old one, yet it will no longer store and syncing all of that same data on your computer, freeing up huge amounts of space.  It also allows you to access the new “Team Drives” we’re putting in place.

It is IMPORTANT to note that the old application will be shut down in March. If you like to use this desktop application it is critical you perform this upgrade before then.  IT will force this update before March Break.

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Prepare for your Presentation!

At Brewster and throughout your Academic career, you will inevitably have to give a presentation. This is so common that every single classroom and presentation space has a projector, speakers, screen, and AppleTV. They are ready for you at a moments notice, but are you? Here are some tips to ensure that your presentation goes smoothly every time! Continue reading “Prepare for your Presentation!”

Google Classroom: Share to Classroom

A Google Chrome Extension now exists to enhance Google Classroom, which allows the teacher to (A) push websites directly to student’s laptops,  (B) make an announcement with a web link directly from a web page and (C) make an assignment with a web link directly from a web page. Continue reading “Google Classroom: Share to Classroom”

Keying in to Computer Programming

By Allison Caravella ’17

At the end of my freshman year at Brewster, I was faced with the decision of which elective to take. I always try to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. As a ninth grader, I chose computer graphics, which introduced me to Photoshop and Final Cut Pro: two powerful (and very useful) programs that were alien to me. At the end of the class I had learned some great new skills that I’ve actually used for many school projects. So there I was, sitting at my computer and debating. One option that I kept coming back to was an introduction to computer programming. Continue reading “Keying in to Computer Programming”

BA Students projecting to AppleTV

Quick testimonial from Doug Skelley describing successful student projection in his classroom.

Curricular Spotlight: Chris Hafner and Wolfram Alpha

Tech on Tap Poster

Faculty Spotlight: Doug Kiley and Google Classroom

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