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Play any DVD on your Mac with VLC

Have you ever tried to play a DVD on your Mac only to have your computer ask you to change the ‘Region Code’? Continue reading “Play any DVD on your Mac with VLC”

Is Your Classroom Projector Image Crooked?

While projecting your computer to your class, do you think:

 TRAPEZOID                        OR                    SQUARE??? Continue reading “Is Your Classroom Projector Image Crooked?”

Prepare for your Presentation!

At Brewster and throughout your Academic career, you will inevitably have to give a presentation. This is so common that every single classroom and presentation space has a projector, speakers, screen, and AppleTV. They are ready for you at a moments notice, but are you? Here are some tips to ensure that your presentation goes smoothly every time! Continue reading “Prepare for your Presentation!”

Cooper Center AV Tutorial

Anderson Hall Basic Presentation Tutorial

Check out this 9 minute video that will take you through the steps of turning on the lights in Anderson Hall, connecting your computer to the system and turning on and off the podium microphone and AV system.  If you still want a hands-on, face-to-face tutorial, don’t hesitate to contact the IT office to schedule an appointment.


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