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Recent & Starred Files in Google Drive

Finding files in Google Drive can sometimes be challenging.  A few built-in shortcuts may help you navigate your files more efficiently – Recent and Starred files.
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Gmail Canned Response

If you find yourself typing the same messages or text blocks over and over, you will want to use Gmail’s Canned Responses. Continue reading “Gmail Canned Response”

Manage Two Gmail Accounts in Chrome

To simplify your online life, you should keep your Brewster and personal email completely separate.  If you have a personal Gmail account, you can easily toggle between accounts in Chrome. Continue reading “Manage Two Gmail Accounts in Chrome”

Personalize Your Gmail Look

Gmail “Themes” are now available to the Brewster Community.  Personalize the look of your Gmail interface. Continue reading “Personalize Your Gmail Look”

Tricky Gmail Phishing Attack

The following excerpts were pulled from an article posted on TechRepublic

It all starts in a Gmail account that has already been compromised. Reports say that perpetrators are accessing hacked accounts immediately and sending phishing messages to other Gmail addresses in the hacked accounts contacts list.

An email lands in the target inbox from the hacked address, and here’s where it gets tricky: The phishing email uses a legitimate subject line, text, and attachments from emails already sent by that account, making it look completely legitimate. Continue reading “Tricky Gmail Phishing Attack”

Columns in Google Docs

In a recent update, Google added the ability to add up to three columns to your Google Doc. Continue reading “Columns in Google Docs”

Enable 2-Step Authentication on your Gmail Account

When it comes to data you want to secure, your email accounts are probably close to the top of the list. The average hacker would love a peek at your email history full of password resets, not to mention getting potential access to your bank accounts or other private information.  You can greatly increase the security of your Gmail account with 2-Step Authentication. Continue reading “Enable 2-Step Authentication on your Gmail Account”

Be Aware of Phishing Attacks

Phishing is defined as the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial or personal information by posing as a legitimate company. Continue reading “Be Aware of Phishing Attacks”

Protecting Email through Encryption

As you may know, email isn’t as private as you might think. When you are sending email messages to other Brewster email addresses, your messages are protected and safe. But, when you send email messages outside of, it’s rather easy for thieves to intercept and read your messages.
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