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The Many Metaphors of Lamb Green

By Craig Gemmell
Head of School

Lamb Green is, maybe 80 feet by 300 feet, a grassy swath extending from Main Street to the east and terminating at the foot of the steps leading to the Academic Building. On July 1, I moved into Lord House — the residence named after Edwin Lord, the Academy’s first headmaster — right on the edge of Lamb Green.   Continue reading “The Many Metaphors of Lamb Green”

Bobcat Nation: There is Something For Everyone at Brewster.

If you’ve been on a tour of Brewster Academy, chances are you’ve walked through the Smith Center and seen the championship banners won throughout the years, the NBA jerseys bearing alumni names, and the special board of alumni who have gone on to excel at the collegiate or professional level. Maybe you’ve envisioned your own name on a future banner, the possibility of you being named a Bobcat of the Week or Alum of the Month, or maybe you’ve enrolled at Brewster without any specific athletic interests at all. Whatever your situation, you can be sure that the athletic department at Brewster has something for everyone. Continue reading “Bobcat Nation: There is Something For Everyone at Brewster.”

Team-Based Approach and Emotional Literacy in Education

I just read this article in Education Week that reinforces the importance of a team-based approach to educating students and Emotional Literacy.  So proud of being in a community that understands and prioritizes the value of relationships in support of our students’ success! #thewayeducationshouldbe

Lynne Palmer
Director of Admission and External Affairs

Starting Senior Year as a Leader, a Lifer, and a Local

Bu31IT0IcAATuxIHere it is: the inevitable approach of a new school year. Though it is sometimes met with negative energy, I personally am approaching this one with extremely positive and excited energy. Why? It is my senior year of four years at BA and I have the amazing opportunity to be a leader in the school as one of the two head prefects. I had a fun summer scooping ice cream at the legendary Bubble, traveling to Jaipur, India in July for a service trip, and spending many lazy days on Lake Winni in a tube with a great book, but I can honestly say I am ready for an exciting year at BA. Continue reading “Starting Senior Year as a Leader, a Lifer, and a Local”

Take a Virtual Tour of Campus

Brewster Academy is located in one of the most beautiful locations in New Hampshire. With frontage directly on Lake Winnipesaukee and the town of Wolfeboro just steps away, our location has much to offer our students throughout the year and families when they come for visits!

Take a tour inside Brewster: Our 360° campus tour will give you a feel for what it is like in the classrooms, dorms, student areas and a look inside some of our state-of-the-art facilities. Continue reading “Take a Virtual Tour of Campus”

My quest to learn how to trick people into thinking I was kind of an adult while at the same time following my dreams: A summer memoir

Hello fellow peoples! My name is Sam Kiley and I will be a senior at Brewster this year, and I am also one of the Head Tour Guides at Brewster.

I’m here to talk about the summer I lived for the year of 2015. Such events include beaching it and enjoying sunshine, working in a local kitchen while making delicious food, and throwing down some 360 dunks in the lovely state of Kentucky. (The 360 part was a joke, but I mean I did play some basketball in Kentucky). So I will delve deeper into such events, and I appreciate you sitting or walking or whatever fits your fancy, while at the same time reading this. Continue reading “My quest to learn how to trick people into thinking I was kind of an adult while at the same time following my dreams: A summer memoir”

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