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Dorm Life: Holiday Celebrations and Good Deeds

By Michelle Dodge
Science Teacher, Community Life Parent

It’s been a wonderful start to the fall filled with holiday fun around campus. In dorms Halloween was celebrated throughout the community with festive decorations, visits to haunted houses, movie nights, and several community service opportunities. Continue reading “Dorm Life: Holiday Celebrations and Good Deeds”

Let’s Talk

By Craig Gemmell
Head of School

I was startled a few afternoons ago.

I was walking my dog quietly along the drive down to the lake, exchanging pleasantries with students and chatting with those who stopped to pet the dog. Then a boy whipped by on a hoverboard while talking on his iPhone, one ear bud dangling out of his hoodie. A non sequitur. Or was it? Continue reading “Let’s Talk”


By Allie Cooper
Director of Student Development

This past Saturday, I had the honor and pleasure of taking two of our elected junior students, Jackson Barber and Lucy Liautaud, and our former Head of School Dr. Michael Cooper, south to Yale University for the #EmotionRevolution summit. Continue reading “#EmotionRevolution”

Get to Know Kara McDuffee

Kate LaViolette

Hi everyone, my name is Kate LaViolette and I am a senior at Brewster. I am currently enrolled in the athletic fitness program here, and it was not long until I noticed a new face in the gym. The first thing that caught my attention about Kara McDuffee, or Ms. McDuffee, was her laugh. I saw her joking around with some of the new freshmen in the class, and I was immediately drawn to her ability to seamlessly connect with kids on a personal level. When asked to begin my blog series on new faculty I was excited to get started and chose her to be the topic of my first entry. So, without further adieu, I am happy to introduce Kara McDuffee.
Continue reading “Get to Know Kara McDuffee”

Bobcat Nation Celebration

Thursday, October 15, 2015 marked the first ever Bobcat Nation Celebration at Brewster Academy. This was a school-wide event specifically designed for the celebration of school spirit (also the one day that we were allowed to wear sweatpants to class). Continue reading “Bobcat Nation Celebration”

BBQ Ribs, Corn Hole, and The Boston Tea Party

Brewster Community Living Parents started the year off with a flurry of social events created to allow new boarding students to get to know each other in a casual and fun environment. Continue reading “BBQ Ribs, Corn Hole, and The Boston Tea Party”

Science Lab

By Craig Gemmell
Head of School

I’m sitting in the living room of Lord House, early morning light brightening the darkness, pecking at the computer in silence. My only company: the newly-installed, freshly restored portrait of William Brewster, son of John, our school’s great benefactor and namesake. He was a man of science, and I’m grateful for his watchful eye because my task for this early morning is to begin documenting a bit of science in which I’m engaging. Continue reading “Science Lab”

Student Leaders Making an Impact

By Bret Barnett
Dean of Campus Affairs

As the new school year comes into full tilt, I must say that I have been most inspired by our student leadership team.  They have positively influenced our community in countless ways – to think it is only the beginning of October! Continue reading “Student Leaders Making an Impact”

Finding My Pace

By Craig Gemmell
Head of School

I’ve been running a bit lately. Not running in the metaphoric sense: I’ve been lacing up my shoes and heading out with the cross country team every chance I get. Continue reading “Finding My Pace”

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