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Teach your Mac how to spell new words… and then change your mind!

Spellcheck is awesome right! Well, mostly. It may not know new words and it often offers suggestions to make changes that you don’t want. Did you know you can teach your Mac new word spellings? Further, did you know you can teach it misspellings by accident? Did you know you can also “undo” any misspellings you’ve taught your computer? Continue reading “Teach your Mac how to spell new words… and then change your mind!”

Is your TimeMachine Backup Working?

Let’s say you’ve got Time Machine setup to backup all of you files… or at least you think you do. How do you KNOW it’s working? Here are two quick ways to check. Continue reading “Is your TimeMachine Backup Working?”

Backups – A Success Story

This is a True Story

Over March break a member of our community installed a suspicious application onto their computer, which resulted in a thief taking control of their computer and their files were taken ransom. What do you mean, their files were taken ransom? The thief took control of the computer and all of the files were encrypted/scrambled and had an unbreakable password placed on them. The user was then informed and asked to pay a ransom for the hackers to unlock their files. Since there was nothing anyone could do (not even the FBI or Apple) the user was in a tough spot.

Fortunately, they had backed up their computer using Time Machine just before March break. We (ITD) were able to help them restore ALL of their files from that backup and the user was back in classes with all of their files in very short order.

The moral of this story is, anything can happen to your computer, so be prepared by backing up your files regularly. Brewster and Apple both work tirelessly to ensure that our users are as protected as possible at all times. However, you never know when your computer will crash, or a thief will steal your stuff. Backing up your files is the ONLY way to protect them!

Play any DVD on your Mac with VLC

Have you ever tried to play a DVD on your Mac only to have your computer ask you to change the ‘Region Code’? Continue reading “Play any DVD on your Mac with VLC”

Why your clock MUST be accurate

Having issues connecting to wireless? GPS location inaccurate? Can’t log into your Banks Website? Check your time and date! Continue reading “Why your clock MUST be accurate”

Release or Cancel Print Job in Library without Card

We have provided basic instructions regarding how to securely print to the Kenison Library Xerox copier using Brewster’s new “Papercut” service. However, there are times when you may want to manually cancel a job, authorize it for release (without using your “prox” card) or just see the history or even environmental impact of your printing. Continue reading “Release or Cancel Print Job in Library without Card”

Secure Printing via PaperCut

The same type of “Proximity” card and reader used to get into our buildings is now being used to securely release teacher generated print jobs on the Kennison Library Xerox printer/copier using software called “PaperCut”.

When a teacher prints to the Kennison Xerox, the print job will wait to print until you “release” it by touching your “prox” card to the reader located on top of the Xerox copier. Continue reading “Secure Printing via PaperCut”

Prepare for your Presentation!

At Brewster and throughout your Academic career, you will inevitably have to give a presentation. This is so common that every single classroom and presentation space has a projector, speakers, screen, and AppleTV. They are ready for you at a moments notice, but are you? Here are some tips to ensure that your presentation goes smoothly every time! Continue reading “Prepare for your Presentation!”

Organize Email with Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox

We’re all Gmail users here at BA and I know we’ve all ended up with an inbox so full of email we sometimes have trouble finding the message we want quickly. Google understands this and is always trying to help us organize our endless streams of email. One of their biggest features is called the “Tabbed Mailbox”. To put it simply, instead of having one place where all your email shows up, they’ve broken that up into four distinct “tabs” to automatically sort your incoming Continue reading “Organize Email with Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox”

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