Why is it so important that you do a monthly Tech Refresh?

Having your computer run on the most up-to-date operating system and browsers,  making sure that all your applications are on the current versions, and just restarting your computer can make overall improvements in performance. Restarting your computer is like getting a good night’s sleep – everything begins in a refreshed state the next day.  Clearing cache and cookies in all your browsers will also boost performance.

The Brewster Tech Refresh is an easy Three-Step Process for updating your computer:

  1. Go to Self Service and complete updates on the “Featured” Page
  2. Go to the Apple App Store and complete updates
  3. Restart your computer

In Self Service, you will easily find any updates to applications that you may need.    The safest locations to get the operating system and software updates are the Apple Store and BA’s Self Service. Some people get duped into downloading “fixes” from shady app pop-ups or links – especially for Java and Flash.  We provide all the updates right in Self Service.

Self Service Update copy.png


Apple will release software updates that may include bug fixes, security updates, firmware updates or overall operating system improvements.
App store update                          Apple updates
restart .png

Restarting your computer is always a good idea!