With ongoing security risks, there is more potential that your passwords will be compromised.  One way to protect your accounts and avoid having your personal information get into the hands of “the bad guys” is to use a password manager.  If you save your passwords on a piece of paper, use the same password for every online site or use a password such as “my-dogs-name” you should look into using a password manager.

A password manager is a service that not only encrypts your information but creates unique passwords, saves and organizes the information for all your online sites – all you have to remember is your main password.  Just about every service that you use online – your email account, bank account, your favorite newspaper or social media site, all require you to create a username and password.  A password manager will create a unique password & save the website information.  Another feature that some password managers have is the ability to sync across multiple devices and work on multiple browsers.

Here is a list of a few popular password managers – some have free versions or trial periods.   As always, please stop by the Tech Office if you would like help in choosing a password manager that will work best for you.

1Password Currently we use this service here in our office.   There is a 30-day trial available.  1Password will sync across all your devices via iCloud or Dropbox.  There are family plans available where you can create multiple vaults for your family members.  There is an annual fee for services.

Last Pass:  LastPass has a family account for up to 6 users each with their own vault.  LastPass also has a strong password generator and save & fill features. LastPass will work on all your favorite browsers.  See the link above for the different plans and pricing.  There is a free trial.

Dashline:  Like other password managers Dashline offers the save & fill feature and browser extensions to make saving passwords easier.  Dashline has a  user-friendly interface that offers a free plan for use on one device, or  you can upgrade to a paid plan for use on multiple devices.   Check out their website for more information.

It is worth trying out a free trial from one of these password managers or just start using the  FREE version of Dashline – experience the ease and security of password management – you will not have to worry about remembering all your passwords anymore!   Plus there are many other features that password managers have – secure notes and documents, secure credit card information, and access anywhere.

Please stop by the Tech Office if you would like a demonstration of 1Password or help with information on password management.