Google Calendar has a helpful feature for your To-Do List called Reminders.    Reminders will help keep your day organized and productive.  Reminders can be used to remind you to pick up the dry cleaning or you can use Reminders for a longer To Do List for work or school.   The Reminders will follow you from day to day on your calendar and keep reminding you until you mark them as done.



First be sure you have reminders enabled in “Your Calendars” list on the left menu.


tasks to reminders .pngIf you do not see Reminders in your calendar list, but you do see Tasks,  you will need to switch from Tasks to Reminders.  Just click on the arrow and click Switch to Reminders.


To create a reminder:

Click on a time slot on your Google calendar. On the pop-up window, Select “Reminder”  > enter your reminder information > click create

choose reminder.png

You can set reminders for a certain day and time.  Reminders that are set with a specific time will be on your calendar in that time slot.  An All Day Reminder will sit at the top of your calendar for that day.

reminder on cal page view.png


Reminders can also be set to repeat, for example, such as doing your computer updates once a month. 😉  When creating a repeat reminder, check the box for Repeat and enter the information for the options in the pop-up box, then click Done.

repeat options.png

Now, are you wondering how many Reminders you can set for one day? Not to worry, All Day reminders will sit at the top of the day with the number of reminders you have,  just click on the reminder box to see the list of reminders.  You can also edit and mark them done from there.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 8.23.22 AM.png



Completed reminder .png


When you no longer need the reminder, just click on the reminder and click the  “Mark as done” button.


If you use the Google Calendar app on your mobile device, you can create a reminder on your phone and it will sync to your computer.  You will also receive the reminders on both your phone and computer.