Slow Computer?

Spinning Beach Ball?spinning-beachball.png                        Documents, Photos or Applications not opening? Phone not acting normal?

Here is a quick fix… RESTART!

Restarting your Mac, phone, or tablet will often solve many issues that you may experience and bring your device back to normal performance.


Click on the Apple in the top left corner, then click RESTART…


If an app or browser freezes, you can force quit by using Command > Option > Escape to bring up the Force Application Menu.

Restarting is not the “fix – all” but it may help with some of the common annoyances such as unresponsive applications or the spinning beach ball.

Restarting your computer cleans up & reorganizes the working area of your computer (the RAM) much like cleaning off your desk. Restarting your computer flushes the RAM by moving out unimportant and temporary data bogging down your device.

If you really want to be proactive in keeping your computer running like a champ try these other tips:

Tech Refresh!!  Do updates in the App Store and Self-Service.  Updates provide not only bug fixes, they also provide security updates that will keep your computer and information safe.

Clear the browser cache and cookies!   Similar to refreshing your device, clearing out cache and cookies in Chrome, Safari and Firefox can often resolve strange browser behavior.