When making the transition to Google Drive you may have numerous files and folders to upload and convert. In the process of uploading folders and files, it can be confusing what you have uploaded and what is remaining to be uploaded.  If you worried that you may have already uploaded the folder of files, Google will let you know by issuing them with unique file names.  If there are uploading files with the same name as existing files in your Google Drive, the new files will be saved with a number suffix in the file name. This ensures that nothing will be overwritten and lost.

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-4-05-33-pmFrom the Google Chrome browser, you can move folders directly from the Mac Finder into your Google Drive – all the files in that folder will be converted to Google Docs (or Sheets).


Here is the option box you will see when you upload a folder whose name matches and existing folder:


When you choose “Update Existing”,  all files in that folder will be added to the folder with the same name.  The files inside the folder will be added as separate files, indicated with “(1), (2)” suffix.


If you choose “Keep Separate” Google Drive will add a new folder with “(1)”  after the name like this:


Did you know that you can do a quick preview of a Google Doc without opening the document?

This will be helpful when you are sorting through the duplicated files. Click to highlight the file name and then click on the preview button.


This will give you a quick view of the document.


Just a reminder:  Be sure that you have the “Convert Uploads” checked in your Drive Settings before dragging any files or folders into your Google Drive in the Chrome browser.

covert files check box .png