Traveling always requires some planning, not only deciding on what will go in your suitcase but also how to prepare and safeguard your computer, phone, and data.  Preparing your computer and backing up may not be at the top of your list, but loss, theft, or accidental damage can happen, especially when traveling. A laptop or phone are easily replaceable – your data, photos, essays – not so easy.

So before you board that plane, take a few moments and take the following precautions:  Do a new backup, enable passwords & passcodes, enable Find my Mac & iPhone, Connect to wifi safely using VPN.

Backup: This is such an easy habit to get into and will save you much heartache if you lose your data. Here are several backup options:

  • External Hard Drive –  back up your computer and leave the external backup at home.
  • Cloud Backup, such as CrashPlan.  CrashPlan is a cloud storage service.  There is a yearly fee, but you will never have to worry if you have a backup. CrashPlan automatically backs up your computer every day.  If your computer is damaged or lost,  you will have a cloud backup of all your data.
  • Google Drive –  upload any file type – photos, MS Office, PDF, Photoshop to Google Drive.   They will be backed up to the Google Drive Cloud and you can either keep them in the original format or convert them to a Google Doc or Slide.

Passwords:  Make sure you have a password & passcode enabled on both your laptop and phone.   Hopefully, you already have these enabled, if not please do now!   This will prevent anyone picking up your computer or phone from getting automatic access to your personal information.  Passcodes for your iPhone are under the Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.  The setting on your Mac is found in System Preferences > Users & Groups > Password.

Enable Find My Mac and Find My iPhone: Where did you leave your computer or phone?   Enable this on both your phone and laptop and you will be able to track, lock and even wipe your devices clean if they are truly lost.  You will find these settings under your iCloud settings on your iPhone and laptop.  Be sure Location Services are also enabled.

Use VPN when using Public Wireless Networks:  Public wifi does not provide any security for its users.  Using a Virtual Private Network will encrypt your internet traffic and will keep you safe from cyber hackers.   Set up your Brewster Academy VPN connections on both your Mac and your phone.

Please stop in if you would like help securing your devices and backing up your computer!