Creating a slide presentation is nearly as common as reading e-mail here at BA. As we continue to focus on using the Google Suite of applications (Docs, Sheets, YouTube, etc), many find themselves using Google Slides (Google’s version of Keynote/PowerPoint). Here are some basic instructions on how to embed videos to your presentation.

Note: It is easiest when the videos in question are on YouTube. It is our recommendation that if you wish to put your own video into a “Google Slides” presentation, that you first upload it to your YouTube account. See tutorial to output a video from iMovie to your YouTube account.

Any YouTube video attached to your presentation will play directly in the slide. Other “linked” videos will open in a separate web browser page. We will provide instructions for linking non-YouTube videos further down this page.

How to embed a YouTube video in your Google Slide

  • Open or create a new Google Slides Presentation
  • Click “Insert” on the menu bar.

Screenshot 2017-01-16 15.04.47.png


  • If you don’t see the menu bar it may be “hidden”. Look for the double arrow on the upper right-hand side of your presentation screen.

Screenshot 2017-01-16 15.04.32.png


  • From the “Insert” menu, select “Video”

Screenshot 2017-01-16 15.04.56.png


  • The next window will ask you to navigate to the YouTube video you want to include, or it will let you paste in a link. The first option can be seen below. When you click the “Insert” and then “Video” selections above, you will be presented with the option to search YouTube for the video you want to include. Screenshot 2017-01-16 15.05.10.png


  • You can either paste the YouTube address into the text box and then hit search:Screenshot 2017-01-19 09.13.00.png


  • Or you can type a search term and browse for the video you wish to use.

Screenshot 2017-01-19 09.17.00.png


  • Once you have located the video you wish to use, highlight it and then click the “Select” button.

Screenshot 2017-01-19 09.21.32.png


  • Your video will now be placed onto your slide. You may then move it about the page as you wish.

Screenshot 2017-01-19 09.24.10.png

Insert a Non-YouTube Video

  • If you already have a link to a non-YouTube video online (or just in your Google Drive folder) you can simply copy the address (URL), Select the “URL” option at the top of this page:

Screenshot 2017-01-16 15.05.10.png

Screenshot 2017-01-19 09.32.58.png


If you have any questions about inserting videos or other media into your Google Slide presentation, please contact or stop by our office for assistance!