Spellcheck is awesome right! Well, mostly. It may not know new words and it often offers suggestions to make changes that you don’t want. Did you know you can teach your Mac new word spellings? Further, did you know you can teach it misspellings by accident? Did you know you can also “undo” any misspellings you’ve taught your computer?

So, here’s the scenario. You’re typing along and suddenly you need to make up a word. Let’s call this word “gleblu”. Let’s also imagine that you have to type this into your computer a lot and you’re sick of spellcheck telling you the word is misspelled.

To teach your computer a new spelling simply:

• Open TextEdit from your Applications Folder or LaunchPad

Screenshot 2016-04-27 15.41.59.png

• Open an existing TextEdit document or create a new one, it doesn’t really matter.

• Type your new word (In our case, we’ve chosen to make the word “gleblu”)

Screenshot 2016-04-27 15.39.18.png

• Highlight the new word and then Right-Click it using either “two finger” click, or by holding  the “control” button and clicking directly on the word. This will bring up a “drop down menu”. Please Select “Learn Spelling”.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 16.00.13.png

Congratulations! Your computer will now treat that word as a properly spelled and recognized word. Which is great… until it’s not. Perhaps you begin finding other words suddenly replaced by your new word. For example, perhaps “global” was misspelled and instead of spellcheck giving you the proper word, it may substitute your “gleblu”. So, how might we undo what we’ve done? Simply reverse it!

• Open TextEdit again, and type the word “gleblu”, then right click it and select ‘Unlearn Spelling’.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 15.40.16.png



This is fine but you will be surprised by how many custom spellings accumulate over time.

• The second method allows you to bulk remove the incorrect spellings from the dictionary.

• In The Finder, choose the Go menu.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 16.09.05.png

• Once in this menu, hold down the “option” key and “Library” will appear!

Screenshot 2016-04-27 16.08.58.png

• In the Library folder locate a folder called “Spelling”.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 16.11.08.png

• Open this folder you will find a file called ‘LocalDictionary ‘. Double-click the file to open it in TextEdit so we can edit it.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 16.11.48.png

• Remove any words you don’t want. Then save and exit. If you wanted to… you can also completely delete this file and all of you added words will go away.