By Rob O’Blenis
Science Teacher, Community Life Parent

What do you do when you attend a boarding school in New England and need to get through the winter? Well, our amazing dorm parents at Brewster have the answers. From getting off campus to fundraisers, if you are in a dorm at BA you have had plenty of opportunities to beat the winter blues!

In Fox House, with dorm parent Sarah Tierney, the girls took a spa night and were pampered with facial masks and nail painting. It was a wonderful night of relaxation and rest.

With Maria Found, the girls in Avery House designed dorm sweatshirts to help lift their spirits during this time of the year.

The boys have certainly not been left out in the cold. Bearce House went to the FunSpot on the other side of the lake for some gaming and arcade therapy. Those same guys also have been treated to a number of goodies from their relief dorm parent throughout each week. They are well cared for young men.

In a philanthropic vein, the boys of Sargent III, with the help of their dorm parent Kirsty Ridings, raised money for a local charity by holding a Teddy Bear Toss. The boys made a great event happen for children in the Wolfeboro community.

New friendships form to make the most of the season all around campus. Like Jacobo Mann and Arturo Olivera Farill from Bearce House who hit the sledding hills together during one of the first snowfalls of the season. Or the amazing duet of Aly Churchill and Jenna Golden from Mason House, who teamed up to wow the crowd at the “Coffee House.”

As you can see, here at Brewster we are managing the winter as a community very well. We hope, from our warm dorms and hearts, that you too are enjoying this season of the year. Many kindest regards from the Community Life Parents here in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.