Often faculty members have three types of folders on the BA Fileserver available to their classes.

  1. A main class folder that may or may not contain files for use.
  2. A “drop box” within that class folder primarily for student submissions.
  3. One or a number of class specific “read-only” folders where students can get class materials from.


•) A “Drop Box” folder is one in which users can “drag” or upload files to, but cannot open, read or otherwise modify. These are often used for homework submission as a student uploading a file to the folder cannot access it to read others homework

•) A “Read Only” folder is the exact opposite from a Drop Box folder. Specifically, users with permission may download, read and open files from that folder, but may not modify any of the existing files and cannot upload any files to that folder. This is primarily used to distribute materials to students or other users. For example, a faculty member may load materials for use in class, and direct the students to that area to download them all quickly without risking someone inadvertently deleting or changing the files that everyone will need.

If you have any questions about using this service or about how to setup a folder and grant access, please contact our helpdesk!