We want to share some Mac Keyboard Shortcuts that will remove a few steps off of common functions that you do on your computer every day.

Command-K will quickly open the window to allow you to connect to the Brewster Server.  Note, you must be in the Finder for this shortcut to work.

connect to server window

Command-Tab will display all your open Applications – holding down the command key, with each push of the tab key, the selection will advance to the next Application – release your keys and the selected Application will become the active Application.

open apps

Command-Q  After using Tab to select an app, you can press Command-Q to quit the App.  Even if the program is in the background, it will quit without being brought to the forefront, unless it has unsaved changes, or otherwise requires your attention when quitting.

Command-Z and Command-Shift-Z


To reverse your last action, press Command-Z. This performs the same function as the “Undo” button.

Command-Shift-Z performs the same function as the “Redo” button for your last action.