If you haven’t already figured it out on your own, over the summer, Google made some enhancements to Google Classroom.  Here is what you can now do…

  • Class Calendar – Each class has a calendar, and work with a due date is automatically added to the calendar. Teachers and students can view the calendar in Classroom, or in Google Calendar on their computers and mobile devices. Click for more info.
  • Move posts to the top of the class stream – Teachers can change the order of posts in the class stream by moving any item to the top of the stream to give it priority.  Click for more info.
  • Google Forms – Teachers can easily attach Google Forms to posts, and open responses from Classroom. When teachers attach a form to an assignment and there is no other work, the assignment is automatically marked as done when students complete the form
  • Post Questions – Teachers can post a short answer question to students in the class stream at any time, with options to allow students to edit their own answer, and to see and reply to classmates’ answers. Students answer the question in the class stream, and teachers have the option to grade answers.   Click for more info.
  • Reuse a Post – Teachers can reuse existing posts (announcements, assignments, questions) from a current or previous class.   Click for more info.