Thursday, October 15, 2015 marked the first ever Bobcat Nation Celebration at Brewster Academy. This was a school-wide event specifically designed for the celebration of school spirit (also the one day that we were allowed to wear sweatpants to class). The purpose of this celebration was to spread Bobcat pride across the campus. Dress code was not dresses and blazers, but as many Brewster spirit clothes as possible.

Bobcat Nation Celebration day started bright and early with face painting done in the Estabrook at breakfast time. There was a table set up and artistic students and faculty, along with some not-so artistic like myself, set up shop and painted faces for a while. Then everyone was off to class, until lunch, when there were more Bobcat activities. Face painting was done again by popular demand, as well as window painting and pom-pom making.

At dinnertime there was BA cookie decorating. This may have been the biggest hit of the day! Our wonderful chefs cooked up a bunch of big-as-your-face sugar cookies, and there was mountains of maroon and blue frosting and sprinkles for everyone to decorate their own cookie.

The academic day was over, however the true celebration didn’t begin until 7:00. Students gathered in the Smith Center for potentially the most competitive dodgeball games ever played. Academic teams faced off in a mini tournament to see who the superior dodgeball players were. The seniors of team Yau captured that title.

After dodgeball concluded was the main event. There was a t-shirt toss, a cheering competition and then, the celebration of all the fall teams. Each and every team had a big introduction, and walked in to a song while all the students and faculty in attendance cheered as loud as possible. Following the team intros was the fight for a pizza party. Two players from each team participated in different activities that included scooter board races, three-legged races, hula hoop walking and Oreo eating. After rigorous competition and even more cheering, boys’ JV third’s soccer took the crown.

Bobcat Nation Celebration1

The day then unfortunately came to a close. Bobcat Nation Celebration was a huge success! I know that all students are counting down the days until we have another one to celebrate our winter teams.

Chelsea De Luca ‘16

Photo credits: Mrs. Found