Brewster Community Living Parents started the year off with a flurry of social events created to allow new boarding students to get to know each other in a casual and fun environment. Each dorm met and planned out their activities, some combining dorms while others held local festivities, and others went exploring.

A common theme seemed to be around the culinary expertise of student and community living parents alike. Kenison house paired up with Vaughan House for a Sunday BBQ of Ribs, chicken, burgers, and dogs. Sargent 3 headed out to the Martin’s house for BBQ steak tips, chicken and sausage skewers. Much fun was had boating, fishing, and the all-star 8-board corn hole tournament.


Avery dorm had the chance to hit amusements at Canobie Lake Park with no grill but a lot of thrill! They had a fun time riding the carousel, eating fried dough, having their breath taken away on the vertical drop coaster ‘Untamed’, and getting soaked on the ‘Boston Tea Party’. What a unique way to get to know each other!​

Fox dorm had sweet treats and a great day at the beach swimming and having fun in the sun. More dorm trips are in the works.

The first three weeks in the dorms have flown by quickly, acquaintances have become friends, roommates have become housemates, and we await everyone’s visit on Family Weekend. We’ll leave the light on for ya.

Submitted by Deans Assistant Byron Martin, central district.