If you’ve been on a tour of Brewster Academy, chances are you’ve walked through the Smith Center and seen the championship banners won throughout the years, the NBA jerseys bearing alumni names, and the special board of alumni who have gone on to excel at the collegiate or professional level. Maybe you’ve envisioned your own name on a future banner, the possibility of you being named a Bobcat of the Week or Alum of the Month, or maybe you’ve enrolled at Brewster without any specific athletic interests at all. Whatever your situation, you can be sure that the athletic department at Brewster has something for everyone.

BasketballTeam_2242At Brewster, there are plenty of opportunities to try something new, and the same is true within the athletic department. We have had students pick up a totally new sport early in their Brewster careers and end up as Lakes Region League All-Stars, or even playing that same sport in college. More importantly, when you try new sports, you can make friendships with teammates that last a lifetime. Over the years, I have advised several students to take up a certain sport or try something new, and more often than not, it has been “life altering” for them.

If you need another reason to get involved in athletics, Brewster’s coaching staff is second to none. The coaches of our teams are great teachers and have the skills and knowledge to lead students on the right path in that sport and in life. Our coaches are not only highly trained in their sport, but their greatest skill is working with young people and teaching them skills that cannot be learned in a classroom. In most cases, our coaches are members of our teaching faculty or work at the school in some capacity. The few coaches that we have off campus have been former college coaches, former college athletes, and even an Olympian! Regardless of your athletic ability, when you come to Brewster and play a sport, you will be in great hands and will learn from the best!


My one piece of advice for all students would be to get involved as much as possible in our athletic program. I truly love being around athletics and being the athletic director at Brewster Academy because of the genuine positive energy that emanates from our playing fields and throughout the Smith Center as part of “Bobcat Nation.” If you are ever on campus and want to discuss your options or just learn more, feel free to stop by my office; we might even talk about the possibility of you trying a new sport!

Matt Lawlor
Director of Athletics