Bu31IT0IcAATuxIHere it is: the inevitable approach of a new school year. Though it is sometimes met with negative energy, I personally am approaching this one with extremely positive and excited energy. Why? It is my senior year of four years at BA and I have the amazing opportunity to be a leader in the school as one of the two head prefects. I had a fun summer scooping ice cream at the legendary Bubble, traveling to Jaipur, India in July for a service trip, and spending many lazy days on Lake Winni in a tube with a great book, but I can honestly say I am ready for an exciting year at BA.

IMG_3115Last spring, I was elected as a head prefect alongside my best friend since kindergarten, Sam Kiley. Essentially, the two prefects are the student body representatives. It’s really exciting, because (as Ghandi says) we’ll get to be “the change we wish to see in the world” (on a smaller scale though, at BA-not quite ready to take on the world).

As a leader, I will be very busy at the beginning of this year. The student leaders facilitate new student orientation, making sure their transition into our welcoming community goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll find us directing students to their dorms and playing the notorious name games (disclaimer: they’re actually extremely amusing). 21344584066_82ffcc82b4_o

Student leadership is an important role at BA. It gives the students opportunities to be proactive participants in the community, taking responsibilities to ensure a strong campus atmosphere. They act as the liaison between the students and faculty to make sure our voices, as students, are heard and respected.

In preparation for our leadership roles, all of the student leaders travel to leadership camp at Camp Merrowvista in the woods of Tuftonboro, New Hampshire. For three days, we do team building and prepare activities for orientation, with the essential camp-esque components such as hiking one of New Hampshire’s beautiful mountains and bonding around a campfire with s’mores (no cell service either…). This is a really meaningful bonding experience that allows the student leaders to grow together before the school year to prepare to lead the school in a GREAT year.

I grew up in the small town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and (in the Brewster lingo) am a “lifer” at BA, meaning I have spent all four years of my high school career here. Therefore, I can easily say Brewster is my home and a place I am very passionate about. Senior year is, in simplest terms, crazy. Applying to colleges, taking (the dreaded) standardized tests and keeping my marks up all while cherishing every moment with friends before we’re on stage receiving our high school diplomas from Dr. Gemmell. BUT, it’s a good kind of crazy. I look forward to an exciting year: supporting Bobcat nation at all of our home games, spending time with the lifelong friends I’ve made at BA, (hopefully) getting into the school of my dreams and most importantly, doing my job as a community member and student leader to continue to make Brewster the amazing place it already is!

Hannah Coulter ’16