It is important to know that these upgrades are absolutely necessary for you to interface with students, faculty and staff members in the coming year. After the upgrade process, you will not notice a big difference in how it looks or where your files are – most everything is going to be where you expect it! The most notable change is that iPhoto has been replaced with Photos (click here to see more info on Photos). If you have been using iPhoto to store your photos, when you first open Photos, there will be a notable delay (~15 mins) as it upgrades the library to the newest version – be patient as it appears as if nothing is happening at first but then you will start to see the progress bar move. To see some of the many benefits of the new OS and software updates click here and check out this article. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Note:  This is a significant Operating System upgrade and will take a decent amount of time (~30 mins on campus).

  1. Save any work and quit all open applications
  2. Plug your computer into a power source
  3. Open the “Self-Service” app from your Applications folder (or from LaunchPad in your dock)
  4. Select “Install” under “Yosemite Upgrade”.  If you DO NOT SEE the “Yosemite Upgrade” icon, you’ve already completed your upgrade! Yosemite Upgrade01
  5. A window will “pop” up asking you to quit any and all applications (again, it’s important) and click “install” one last time. Yosemite Upgrade02
  6. Now it’s a waiting game— When the process is finished your computer will reboot and continue the install. All is finished when you are back at the login screen. Yosemite Upgrade03
  7. Log into your computer.  Your computer may temporarily run a little slower as it optimizes after the upgrade. Yosemite Upgrade04
  8. Open “Self-Service” again and install what you see on that first “featured” page. You will be able to work on the computer while these install.
  9. Finally, go to the Apple menu in the upper left and select “App Store”.  Click on the “Updates” icon on the top of the window and install any available updates.  You will have to enter your Apple ID to install these updates. Yosemite Upgrade05  Yosemite Upgrade06
  10. If interested, take a tour of Yosemite by selecting “What’s New in OSX Yosemite” from the Help menu in the Finder. Yosemite Upgrade07