De-Brewsterization is the process by which students regain administrative control of their laptops while removing Brewster’s administrative account and licensed software. This process has been designed to quickly disassociate student-owned computers from Brewster’s management system while making sure that the student keeps ALL of their files and any additional personal software added over the course of the year that is NOT licensed to Brewster Academy. All student-owned computers must be De-Brewsterized at the end of the school year or upon the end of a student’s tenure with Brewster Academy barring special approval.

Here are the high points!

  • Your files will STAY on your computer – De-brewsterization DOES NOT delete your personal files!
  • Any applications you’ve added legally will remain on your computer!
  • You will be an Administrator of your computer again!
  • Your computer account and password will stay the same!

The following are some of the software titles are licensed to Brewster Academy and will be removed during this process:

  • Graphical Analysis
  • iFlash
  • Inspiration
  • Kurzweil 3000
  • Dill
  • Logger Pro
  • Safe Exam Browser
  • Cylance
  • PaperCut Client
  • VPN

Optional Software that you may have installed will also be removed during this process:

  • Adobe CC Suite
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
    • Illustrator
    • etc…
  • FinalCut
  • RehearScore

De-Brewsterization Day takes place the last week of school during your team check out process.  Your computer log in will still be your STU### and the password will still be the same. Your computer is completely yours again, with our restrictions and software removed!

Please note that if you will be a returning underclassman you will be Brewsterizing your computer again in the fall!  Additionally, you will need to register your computer (even if you intend on bringing the same one) on your parents’ portal page before August 15th. If you have any questions over the summer please contact Brewster’s Technology Office at 603-569-7000 or email