If you’re reviewing a document and want to suggest changing some text, you can suggest edits to the owner of the document without affecting the original text. Your suggestions won’t change the original text until the document owner approves them. Once you are in Suggesting mode, you just need to start typing to begin suggesting edits.  Here is how it works:

  1. In the top right corner of the document, if you have editing privileges, change the mode to “Suggesting” mode
    Google Suggesting Mode
  2. To suggest an edit, simply begin typing where you think the edit should be made in the document. You can also select text and type alternative text to suggest replacing the original.Google Suggestions
  3. Your suggestions will appear in a new color and any text you suggest deleting or replacing will be crossed out.
  4. Owners of the documents will receive an email with your suggestions and be able to accept or reject them by clicking the “X” to reject or the checkmark to accept.

 Differentiating “Comments” and “Suggested Edits”

Comments Suggested Edits
Instructions Click the Comment button in the toolbar Switch to Suggesting mode in the top-right
Use Cases Ask a question or make a note next to a specific section of existing text Suggest new text that you recommend adding or changing in the document
Next Steps Owners can reply to your question or note, or click Resolve to close the comment Owners can accept your suggestions to add as final text or reject the suggestions to erase them