The feeling of being back on the field with my teammates, for one last year, is definitely a bittersweet feeling. Although I have college athletics to look forward to, it is sad to think that this will be the last time that I play on a field hockey team competitively. Not only that, but it is the last time I will participate in a fall sport at Brewster!

This year we were extremely fortunate to bring in some competitive and highly athletic newbie’s. They have made a huge impact on the field since they arrived at preseason. Within the next week or so we are really looking forward to getting into playoff mode. This Wednesday, based on the result of our game versus Proctor, we will find out if we are Co-Lakes Region Champions or just Lakes Region Champions. The last time the team was Lakes Region Champions was 2010, so it would be nice to bring the banner home in my final year at Brewster. Wish us luck!

Elise Hennessey ’15