The school year ended much too abruptly. As summer approached the thought of not being around some of my best friends got harder to imagine. Lucky for me, it was only a few weeks until I saw some of my lacrosse teammates. A few of us headed down to Costa Rica to enjoy some service and some lacrosse. The trip in it’s entirety was such a rich and memorable experience that will carry with me for the rest of my life. It was unbelievable to be able to help the sport of lacrosse spread in Central America.


Regardless of starting small, I truly believe that the community will always remember the “American Lacrosse Players” that came and donated and gave back to their town. Along with running some simple drills, we were also able to give our service by painting a community center. Between painting and lacrosse we were still able to squeeze in some zip lining and surfing! Throughout the trip we came up with a saying which we thought best described the trip: Lax and Serve

By Charlotte Polk ’15