Your visit at Brewster is something that you should be really excited for. You probably won’t ever forget the unique experience; I know that I remember everything about mine. But there are a few things that you should know before coming, so here’s what you should expect on your visit:

When you and your family arrive at the Admissions Building, you’ll have a brief, informal meeting with one of our admissions officers. It’s a short time during which you and your admissions officer can simply get to know each other. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any preliminary questions before you head out on your tour. You should also let him/her know about any of your special interests so he can advise your tour guide to show you specific spots on campus.

After, you’ll be introduced to your student tour guide who will then take you and your family on a customary campus tour. You’ll be shown all of the major parts on campus and be informed about mostly everything there is to know about Brewster; but if there is a specific place or building that you’re particularly interested in checking out, be sure to let your tour guide know so he/she can take you there. Your tour should last about an hour.

After your tour you’ll be taken back to the Admissions Building and meet again with one of our admissions officers. This meeting will last a bit longer than the first one, since this is your official interview for the school. All of the admissions officers are great, so you should really enjoy the interview. It’s really nothing to worry about. Just be yourself and you’ll do great. Asking specific questions about anything that intrigued you on your tour is a good idea, too, because that shows that you are genuinely interested in Brewster.

After your visit, the only thing to really keep in mind is submitting you application before the deadline. If you have any questions that you think about on your trip home, you can always email your tour guide or the admissions office.

With that said, I can honestly tell you that I have really enjoyed each of my 4 years here and I’m confident that you will too. Good luck on your future visit and on the rest of your high school search!

Will Tamposi ’14