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Two Reasons

By Nancy Hughes
English Teacher

When our son came to Craig and me last fall and explained that he wanted to come to Brewster Academy for his freshman year, I was initially hesitant. Surprising perhaps, but true, and here’s why: I am a life-long champion of the high school boarding experience, and I always imagined that our children would have such an experience, but given where we live in the middle of campus in Lord House, our son would be – and is now – a day student. (True confession: When our boys were toddlers, I used to dream about visiting them at boarding school.) So why do I value the boarding experience so deeply? Let me share with you my top two reasons.

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Validating Our Work

By Lynne Palmer
Director of Admission and External Affairs

I recently spent three days at The Enrollment Management Association’s annual conference with over 900 admissions colleagues from independent schools in the U.S. and Canada. The challenges schools are facing are quite compelling, and it is clear that school representatives are eager to find creative ways to respond and be proactively prepared for what trend in education is on the horizon.

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Tightening the Net


By Craig Gemmell
Head of School

Opening weekend at boarding school inspires more emotion than reality TV: joy, despair, stress, enthusiasm, fatigue, amity, enmity. Life’s great drama writ small; surely worth the wait after the humidity of August and butterflies of Labor Day weekend. Continue reading “Tightening the Net”

View Your CrashPlan Backup Progress

To see your backup progress, simply click on the CrashPlan icon in the top bar on your screen, click on the Gear icon and select “Open Code42 CrashPlan…” Continue reading “View Your CrashPlan Backup Progress”

Pause CrashPlan Backup when on a Slow Network

If you are not on campus and you notice web pages loading very slowly, you may want to temporarily pause the CrashPlan backup process to free up traffic to and from your computer. Continue reading “Pause CrashPlan Backup when on a Slow Network”

Convert MS Office Docs with Equations to Google Docs

Equations can be problematic when converting MS Word docs to Google Docs.  Using the steps below, after you convert your document, the equation will be displayed as an image and not editable from within Google Docs, but it is better than having to recreate the entire document from scratch. Continue reading “Convert MS Office Docs with Equations to Google Docs”

Convert MS Office Docs to Google Docs

You can convert MS Office documents one at a time or many at one time.  Either way, you will be dragging documents (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) from your computer to your Google Drive. Continue reading “Convert MS Office Docs to Google Docs”

Organize Your Google Drive

Creating an organized environment in your Google Drive may save you time (and frustration) from searching endlessly for that Google Doc that was shared with you last week.   The tips below will help improve your productivity and organization in Google Drive.

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PW Protect Your USB Memory Stick

If you carry around a USB memory stick with personal or confidential files saved on it, you should take these simple steps to password protect it. Continue reading “PW Protect Your USB Memory Stick”

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