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Navigating Family Weekend

By Nancy Hughes
English Teacher

I can only conjure two memories from my Parents’ Weekends when I was in high school. The first is more vague than the second. My parents had arranged a dinner in Hartford, close to where we lived, for my friend and her parents who were from South Carolina. Two other girls whose parents were unable to attend the weekend joined us as well. I remember feeling happy that my parents were close and thus could be with me and proud that my parents were able to host a family from South Carolina, a place that seemed to me – someone who had never been to the South – almost a foreign land. (I also remember my mother’s commenting to me quietly after the meal about how awkwardly my friend held her fork.) Continue reading “Navigating Family Weekend”

Keeping Your Google Account Secure

Google states, “Ensuring that our customers’ data is safe, secure and always available to them is one of our top priorities.” This commitment on Google’s part is only a piece of the safety equation – the other piece falls to the end-user. Continue reading “Keeping Your Google Account Secure”

Be Aware of Phishing Attacks

Phishing is defined as the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial or personal information by posing as a legitimate company. Continue reading “Be Aware of Phishing Attacks”

Protecting Email through Encryption

As you may know, email isn’t as private as you might think. When you are sending email messages to other Brewster email addresses, your messages are protected and safe. But, when you send email messages outside of, it’s rather easy for thieves to intercept and read your messages.
Continue reading “Protecting Email through Encryption”

Prevent CrashPlan Backups from Taking Place on your Home Network

Prevent your backup from occurring on a home network. Note:  this must be completed when you can connect to your home network. Continue reading “Prevent CrashPlan Backups from Taking Place on your Home Network”

From Student Centeredness to Student Initiated

By Nancy Hughes
English Teacher

A fierce commitment to student centeredness has long been a hallmark of Brewster Academy. Yet what has struck me in the past few weeks is how student initiated the Brewster experience is. Here are a few quick examples.

Just hours ago, a group of students and faculty members arrived at Lord House for the second meeting of the newly formed Harry Potter Club. Craig and I had no cookies or cider to offer, but the attendees couldn’t have cared less. They had come to trade Potter trivia, discuss their individual house sortings, and plan for the upcoming group reading of the new play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. They had come because John Scala ’17 and Dexter Hanson ’17 had taken the initiative to create and promote a club, which they hoped would provide a forum for BA Potter aficionados to gather and share their passion. John and Dexter’s initiative has already brought students, new and old alike, together and orchestrated what has been the highlight of at least one faculty member’s week. Continue reading “From Student Centeredness to Student Initiated”

BA Heads to FB

As of 3:45 am on Thursday, October 6th, four Brewster students and one Brewster teacher will be embarking on a meaningful mission to discover solutions to the growing epidemic of teenage anxiety and apathy in a normal school environment. This amazing opportunity offered to us by Brewster Academy is the result of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s momentous coalition with Facebook in generating a nationwide initiative called “inspirED” last year. Along with ten other schools in the US, Brewster began an inspirED club about nine months ago, and our academy has been specifically chosen to encompass the “Passion & Purpose” piece of the initiative. Because of Brewster’s collaboration with inspirED, four of our own inspirED club members (and a special faculty member!) will be attending an important summit at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California, this weekend. Brewster’s representatives are Angela First (’17), Jackson Barber (’17), Lucy Liautaud (’17), Dexter Hanson (’18), and Sarah Hunt (dorm parent/Junior English teacher). Continue reading “BA Heads to FB”

On Connection

By Craig Gemmell
Head of School

First community dinner Thursday night was a sight to behold.

Once everyone found their seats, Bret Barnett encouraged kids to put away cell phones and be present. Reverend Gina Finnochario from the Congregational Church bordering campus followed up with an extemporaneous, ecumenical blessing so beautiful that it took our collective breath away.

The dining hall seemed to read the tea leaves perfectly on this cool fall evening and answered with comfort food: chicken pot pie, green beans, lemonade. Perfect. Continue reading “On Connection”

Mac 101: Get your Mac to Read to You

Did you know that your Macintosh has the ability to read to you? Just follow the steps below to learn how. Continue reading “Mac 101: Get your Mac to Read to You”

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